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Portfolio management & insights for crypto funds

Streamline operations and automate tedious data analysis and reporting. Allo is your all-in-one portfolio management solution.

Use cases

A unified solution for your assets

Unified Portfolio Management
Our aim is to simplify your investment process. We reduce the hours spent on deciphering data and make it easy to make informed decisions quickly. With Allo, you can devote more time to strategizing and exploring new investment opportunities.
Real-time price feeds
Support for spot, perps, and futures
Trade on your favorite exchanges
Liquid staking
Allo is designed to help you stay on top of your investments and manage your NFTs with ease. You can effortlessly track your costs across multiple wallets and exchanges. Allo will automatically transfer your cost-basis when you transfer new mints from your hot wallet to cold storage.
Granular PnLs
Custom Pricing
NFT Staking
SAFEs, SAFTs, Token Purchase Agreements, and more all in one platform. Track equity to token conversions, and vice-versa. Manually set your token distribution schedules, or use our automated tool to classify recurring token airdrops. Get notified when it is time to claim your next token unlock
Track investments
Record conversions & warrant exercises
Group investments with token & NFT airdrops
Track token unlock schedules
Simplify your workflow and cut costs by consolidating your software solutions. Improve your response time by leveraging Allo's real time calculations.
Accurate fund accounting
Quick LP reporting
Real time NAV & IRR
Multi-fund support for your business
At a glance

Streamline your portfolio management

All in one portfolio management


Manage everything from SAFEs and token purchase agreements to liquid tokens and NFTs.
real time portfolio management


Monitor your performance across multiple portfolios with real-time market data and prices.
collaborative portfolio management


Invite your team members or external auditors with fine-tuned access controls.

Simplicity & performance

Our portfolio management solutions are designed to provide a seamless and performant experience that scales along with your portfolio.

Automatic syncing

We automatically sync data from your wallets, exchange accounts, and accounting software. We filter out spam airdrops for you.

Data backfills

We automatically categorize your transactions and populate missing data like historical trade prices.

Performant filters

View and filter more than 20,000 of your transactions simultaneously without performance drops.

Lightning quick reports

Generate reports and visuals in seconds.
Credit card mockups

Security & data privacy

Securing your data is our top priority. We take serious measures to to ensure your data is secured at all times:
Passwordless — Securely access your accounts with passwordless authentication like “Login with Google” or “Sign in with Ethereum”
Data protection — Your data is encrypted in flight and at rest using the latest  industry-standard encryption and security protocols
API keys encryption — Your API keys are encrypted before they leave your browser, ensuring they never leak to any logs along the way
Secure portfolio management

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