Say goodbye to manual processes. Allo automatically synchronizes transactions from various networks, exchanges, and third-party accounting platforms.
Missing historical data like pricing are updated automatically
Cost-basis is tracked across transfers between wallets & exchanges
Allo parses custom contracts to bring you rich transaction data
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allo airdrop manager

Intelligent spam filters

Ensure your portfolio doesn’t get cluttered. Our intelligent spam filters separate these to ensure a clean, hassle-free portfolio management experience, even if your addresses become public.
intelligent spam filters

Airdrop manager

Spend less time filtering through random airdrops. Allo supports your tokens even before they get listed on exchanges. Use the airdrop manager to decide whether to include them in your portfolio or forget them forever.
data reconciliation
Data accuracy

Data reconciliation

Easily maintain accurate portfolio data. Allo flags transactions when numbers don't add up.
Flag missing cost-basis, transactions, and trades
Auto-resolve issues you've addressed
Continuously scan your portfolio for inaccuracies

No more tedious month-ends

Allo takes care of the boring, repetitive parts of your back office operations

Unparalleled performance

Browse more than 20,000 transactions simultaneously without a glitch.

Real-time NAV

No need to wait till the end of the month. Allo updates your portfolio value in real-time.
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Get more done

Edit and update transactions ten times faster.

Secure at every step

We take important steps to keep your data private using industry-grade encryption.